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Fun Driver Facts

2017 Top Driver


Driver One Day Record


Driver % "Burro Delivery"

90% *

* MWF deliveries

Average Weight Per Delivery


Don't own a full-size pickup truck?

No problem you can still apply as a helper! Owning a truck is not a requirement to becoming a Burro. Just let us know once we contact you".

It's easy to become a Burro professional. We promise.

There are just four simple steps to complete before you start to deliver.   



We need a little info about you, your insurance, your truck and the type of smartphone you have.



Once you're approved, we will install and setup the app. It only takes about 3 minutes.



You will get to work as a driver helper. Get paid to learn the ropes.



You're set! No commercial license required. You choose your hours depending on your availability.

What Kind of Truck Do I Need?

A clean full-size truck (1500+) with a bed that must be at least 9 feet long with the tailgate down, 48 inches wide between the wheel wells, and accommodate items 7 feet tall so no bed covers. If you drive a Tacoma, Colorado or car you can be driver helper. Contact us more information.


How Burro Works


Open the provider app

Open up the iPhone or Android app, login, and push the ready button.


Accept a nearby request

When a request comes in tap the Accept Request button. That’s it.


Help with the items

Drive to the pickup location and depending on the type of service you sign on to provide, either watch the customer load the item(s) or wrap and load the item for the customer. Then help unload the items at the destination address. 


Receive payment

Once the request is complete, payment for your time and mileage will be processed by the app and charged to the customers stored card.


Questions & Answers

How much money do I make per delivery?

** You can make $40 minimum per delivery as a Burro Delivery driver.

What is the most a driver has made in a day?

The record for most money made, in one day, stands at $610.

Is this a lot of hard labor moving jobs?

No. Over 90% of our deliveries are less than 2 items. Things like chairs, tables, or sofa's

How much money can I expect to make each week?

This depends on how many deliveries you accept per day. We have some independent contractors making $1600 per week.

How can I apply to become a driver?

Burro is always accepting driver applications. Applicants can use the form on this page to apply. A Burro staff member will be in touch to continue the recruiting process. Drivers must be at least 21 years old, able to lift 100 lbs, and pass a DMV and criminal background check. They must also agree to our TOS and contract. Drivers will need to have a full-sized pickup truck, without dents, rust, or paint issues. They must also have an iPhone or Android phone.

How is a delivery driver insured with Burro?

Safety for Burro drivers and the cargo they help with is a high priority for this company. Each driver must have up to date, full-coverage insurance policies on their own vehicles. In the event that an incident occurs and the driver’s personal insurance does not cover the cost, Burro’s insurance covers up to $1,000 in additional damage and is based on the weight of the item being transported (B/L).

Does Burro provide any supplies to me as a driver?

Drivers are solely responsible for being equipped for the jobs they choose to accept. You will need straps, moving blankets and shrink wrap in your vehicle for each delivery.

How do driver ratings affect me?

After each job is completed, the customer has the opportunity to rate the Burro driver they were assigned to. Drivers must maintain a 4.2 star rating or above to continue accepting deliveries. Ratings below 4.2 stars are justification for dismissal.

I have a promo code, how do I redeem it?

When you open the app, go to “Settings” and choose “promo code” and fill in the empty field with your code. The discount will be applied to your next purchase.

Can I rent a Burro truck but forgo the driver?

No, though Burro insures drivers while they are on the job, Burro does not own the drivers' vehicles. Each vehicle is the driver's personal property and therefore cannot be rented out through the Burro app.

What is the minimum cost to use Burro’s services?

The minimum driving cost is $24.

How can I contact a real person at Burro with a question or concern?

Every email sent to support@getburro.com is taken seriously and responded to individually by Burro staff. This is the quickest and most efficient way to get a hold of someone other than your assigned driver. Remember, once you have been assigned a driver you will be able to contact that person directly via text or phone call in order to iron out details of your delivery or request.

How do I reconcile a billing issue?

All billing inquiries can be directed to support@getburro.com.

Can I partner with Burro?

Yes! Burro welcomes strategic partnerships. To learn more, contact the team at support@getburro.com. Be sure to ask us about how Burro can be integrated into your e-commerce checkout process.

Still need help?

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It’s as simple as YES or NO.

Simply log in as a driver whenever you want to earn money and wait for a request. 


Know the mileage upfront

You know the delivery type, pickup location, and drop-off location, before you commit.


Driver dashboard

You have your own dashboard to know how much you have earned and the mileage you have driven.


Delivery ETA

The customer always knows where the delivery is. There is no need for the customer to constantly call asking when the delivery will be.


Delivery supplies

You get wrapping supplies, blanks, dollies and straps to secure the items.


Guaranteed payment

Burro only works with a credit card or promo code. It makes the transactions cleaner and safer and no non-pays.


Instant communications

Questions about the delivery? No problem. You can call, text and soon video call (beta) the customer.

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